"Skillers are a way of life not just a life choice"

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* Hi and Welcome to Accused Skillers!

This clan is an Extremely Friendly clan which supports both  F2P and P2P community. Feel Free to pm our online members , if you're interested in Clan Accused you can join our Clan as Guest and ask us for an Invite!

Don't beg for ranks and everything will be fine and well :)
Got any questions? PM us!

Our Home World: World 83

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[#PUYKM8479] [#PUYKM8479] Owner
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Dadevil1616 Dadevil1616 Lieutenant
[#EJAX95U39] [#EJAX95U39] Lieutenant
[#7ORVR235L] [#7ORVR235L] Sergeant
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SigrTor SigrTor Sergeant
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vboxy vboxy Sergeant
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