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SoulBane is a clan for both skillers and combatants, having events and gatherings to cater to the needs of both. In essence, we are a warring clan, and depend more on strategy than brute force. We are an active clan and have events scheduled very often! If you are a fellow clansman, you will seldom find events to which you cannot contribute. We strive to climb the charts and rankings of RuneScape**************************************************************************.100+ Combat | OR | Lv.80+ Ranged & Lv.80+ Defence| OR | Lv.80+ Magic & Lv.80+ Defence |
__________________________________________________________________ We first reached the coveted milestone of 500 members on the 21st of July, 2011.
__________________________________________________________________ On the 24th of June, 2012, SoulBane became the #1 F2P R.C.W. clan.

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expropiese expropiese Deputy Owner
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Dungeon 20 15-Nov-11 15:00
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