Apocalypse Slayers

Apocalypse Slayers

"Must keepsake a dragon helm to join"

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*•›¸..¸‹•*°¨| Welcome to Apocalypse Slayers! |¨°*•›¸..¸‹•*°

Who are we? We are one of the largest clans currently in Runescape, striving for excellence and have achieved many titles.

So why join us? Our clan chat is 24/7 active with a community that feels like a family. Most of all, we have a solid unit of good people always ready to welcome new guys to be a part of this family.

°*•›Clan features‹•*°
- Daily Events! - Including boss masses, minigames etc
- Boss Teaching including roles
- PvM sometimes lol :-)
- Skilling
- Very social during all time zones
- Active Discord server
- Tier 7 citadel with 3 avatars

130 combat with 2.4k Total levels and Elf City access
300m Total XP with 80+ all non combat skills.

°*•›How To Join‹•*°
If you meet the requirements please contact an online Captain+ or join clan chat as guest to request for an invite.

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Frube Frube Owner
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Mini Ghost Mini Ghost Deputy Owner
Yamamarider Yamamarider Deputy Owner
Hawi Hawi Deputy Owner
Azhrei Azhrei Overseer
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