Bloody Brotherhood

Bloody Brotherhood

"We are here for war, and to Conquer as One! Some events held on soulsplit. C0 m"

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We are the Bloody Brotherhood, one who is not with us.. stands against us. Ask Bloops Slave how it feels to get in our way. We are a devoted clan, fairly new, yet looking to rise as one of the top clans n RuneScape! To do so, we need your help!

Black or Rune Armor
Combat level of 40+ (for now)
Everyone in clan has a job within the various sectors of it.
Nothing is approved without out me, a_k1ng, approving it

Alliances (Please contact Drummer John if you wish to ally):
Legend Assassins run by Mithking

Headquarters shared with allies: Clan Camp world 135
Overall Headquarters: City of Falador world 135

***all events administered by the rank of admin+ are mandatory, all must attend***

OFFICIAL WARRING FRIENDS CHAT: GP DICE U (contact him for info on wars)

~some player killing events will be held on soulsplit. C0 m

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[#BEJF9FKG2] [#BEJF9FKG2] Sergeant
francisttt francisttt Recruit
Tadej545 Tadej545 Recruit
[#334AUGL6C] [#334AUGL6C] Recruit
[#CPB8NP265] [#CPB8NP265] Recruit
Do U Root Do U Root Recruit
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event 135 12-May-12 18:00
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