"Overturning RS since 03 with Games, Parties & Crazy Skilling!"

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National Guard of Runescape, established 2003

Everyone is welcome to join but you have to gain 2m experience monthly OR Cap for a rank above recruit.
Check out our clan forum for more information QFC: 290-291-742-65159276

Ranks posted on our website under "Rankings". Contact any key rank to get your req checked. Ranks based on clan XP & 2m xp gain a month or a weekly cap. Citadel resets every Saturday

1) Maxed T7 Citadel
2) 3 Avatars
3) Pvm Lessons
4) Clan website
5) Discord:
6) (Facebook) Events

Ranking: (requires 2m xp monthly OR 2700 weekly citadel resource)
Corporal - Capping member or 5m clan xp for F2P
Sergeant - 10m clan xp
Lieutenant - 25m clan xp
Captain - 50m clan xp
General - 100m clan xp
Admin+ Based on activity

View our "new members guide" thread for more information.
Questions or concerns? Contact us at RS forum "Catherby" or join "Catherby" through the 'visited clans' button on clan chat in-game menu

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catherby catherby Overseer
Miss Music Miss Music Overseer
Mystic Muze Mystic Muze Overseer
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Music Within New Members Guide. 22-May-2018 19:19
Music Within Clan Rules 16-Nov-2014 11:10
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