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Chosen Elite

"Always Recruiting! No Obligations or Responsibilities."

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Welcome to Chosen Elite, Our clan is a friendly environment of people who love socializing, Mini games, Clan events, PvM, and PvP and most importantly, to have FUN!

To join Chosen Elite you need to be 130+ Cb, 2000+ Total level and have some PvM/PvP experience. We are a very friendly community, and our clan goal is to have fun and stick together though the hard times and prevail in the good times - we were built on a force that took on many clans which had taken over parts of Runescape. We always fought to create a more fun and equal environment for all.

We Offer:
- A welcoming community
- Discord
- PvM Events
- PvP Events
- Social Events
- Mini game Events
- Helpful leaders
- T7 Citadel with a clan dragon

Home World: W79
Friend Chats: We own multiple Friend Chats in the game that revolve around: Socializing, Mini games, PvMing, and Skilling. #CEPRIDE

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Leader of CE Leader of CE Owner
Tainted Aura Tainted Aura Deputy Owner
Desertion Desertion Deputy Owner
SonOfAnarchy SonOfAnarchy Deputy Owner
TricksterTop TricksterTop Deputy Owner
Q V9 Q V9 Deputy Owner
Darius Silve Darius Silve Deputy Owner
Whitewolf Whitewolf Overseer
Strange face Strange face Overseer
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rainbow rust New Ranking System 25-Oct-2018 12:55
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