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Covert Society

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Covert Society is a clan that takes pride in the fun, pleasant and entertaining community that was founded by True Demon13. We are dedicated in finding players with a sense of humour to join our ranks and be part of a community that enjoys both skilling and PvM activities.

Deputies: Killaz
Special Thanks to Archywishy for setting up our Citadel

*We have recently decided to stop with citadel. We might start it back up if we get enough cappers*

* Benefits *
- PvM bossing trips.
- Runescape related help.
- Non-PVM events including seasonal/holidays/special events.
- Dungeoneering teams.
- Twitter; entertainment @CovertRS
- Youtube Projects "RSCovertSociety".
   and much more....

So if you're 'laid-back', looking for a close-knit family (drama free); then look no further because you've found the right place!

Covert Society is a chilled, good-humoured and cheerful clan, we take pleasure in welcoming you to our humble abode.

~ mi casa es su casa

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Top Clanmates

Grimm Demon Grimm Demon Owner
Doberhuahua Doberhuahua Organiser
Heartswild Heartswild Admin
Ray Dominion Ray Dominion General
Kage Stranqe Kage Stranqe Lieutenant
Solfire-1 Solfire-1 Lieutenant
Reignitee Reignitee Sergeant
Mike Oxyours Mike Oxyours Sergeant
Chris 0wnage Chris 0wnage Corporal
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - Boss 139 16-Apr-16 18:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Grimm Demon Halloween Costume Contest 15-Oct-2016 20:17
Grimm Demon Covert Society 19-Mar-2016 18:09
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