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Entranas Elite

"Born of Law"

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Welcome to Entranas Elite!

Born of Law; we have crafted and run. Now, we have grown into a friendly, welcoming clan which chills, skills together and tries our best at maintaining our citadel. Tier 7 is our goal and we'd be more than happy for you come along and help us out.

Of course, we're not focused purely on the citadel. Events, such as PvM and minigames, are organised from time to time for all to come along and have fun and hang out. We won't judge you based on your skills, but we'd be most content if you had decent skill levels, knowledge and experience.

Never fear though! We will always accept new people who are interested in hanging out or becoming a part of the clan. All we ask is for you to help out at the citadel whenever you can as this is our primary focus.

Interested? To join, please enter our Clan Chat or message anyone with a rank of Lieutenant or above.

***** Runescape membership (P2P) is mandatory for all our clan members. *****

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