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We are Eternalblaze. A clan with a strong leadership and hierarchy. We are a w24 social clan specialising in events, skilling and pvm. Being a social clan anyone is welcome to join. If you ask, we help!

The clan was first created 26th May 2015. We have been a fast growing clan with clear objectives.

Our objective is to better our own skills as well as all others.
Be a benefit to the whole runescape community such as our community events we sometimes host.

Diplomatic relations are important to us.
We will always protect our friends!

So if you're interested to join. Pm any of the leaders. I'm looking forward to seeing you

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Dave-Mercer Dave-Mercer Owner
SugarCubes SugarCubes Deputy Owner
Honey Kalia Honey Kalia Deputy Owner
FerrousDave FerrousDave Deputy Owner
SugarCubes1 SugarCubes1 Deputy Owner
Masoor Masoor Overseer
Arcanil Arcanil Overseer
MistyAshe MistyAshe Coordinator
The Reaping The Reaping Coordinator
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