Ghosts of Shadows

Ghosts of Shadows

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New clan as of 7-18-2011. Joining in numbers and gaining in power fast.

Who We Are A Clan For:
-Clan For Active People.
-Highly organized
-Rated Clan Wars and other games/events
-People Who Follow Orders In Wars. (We win wars with tactics aswell as brawn)
-People who want to work hard to get ranks.
-People who check in and follow the clan forum.

If you cannot follow these rules, this clan is not for you. The punishment for breaking these rules results in being kicked from the clan.

1.Respect fellow clan mates and other clans:
2.No flamming other clans or people. (You will be kicked from clan)
3.Must be online twice a week.
4.No foul language in clan chat. (Be respectful)
5.No botting permantly kicked.
6. Listen and follow to war leaders commands
7. Check forums frequently. (They are the center of our cla


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