Gods Of Reapers

Gods Of Reapers

"Skilling, Pvming, Homeworld Based."

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Welcome to Rainbow Reapers we are a strong pvm clan that just joined runescape 12/30/14. Our goal for 2015 is a t7 citadel and  50 clan members.
If you want to join our clan  join the clan chat and ask for a invite.

Ranking System
Recruit Cap
Corporal Cap
Sergeant Cap
Lieutenant Cap
Captain Cap
General Cap
Admin 25m xp
Organizer 50m xp
Coordinator 75m
Overseer 100m
Deputy Owner 200m

That's our ranking System if you need any more info ask the ranks =)

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Top Clanmates

Crazylegg537 Crazylegg537 Owner
fallndevil12 fallndevil12 General
Wiredrawn Wiredrawn Captain
HailyMarie HailyMarie Corporal
Brett Kenned Brett Kenned Corporal
Magerules131 Magerules131 Corporal
IMakeUSoWet IMakeUSoWet Recruit
msrogers2 msrogers2 Recruit
Luna Ndoki Luna Ndoki Recruit
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