Horns Halos N Hearts

Horns Halos N Hearts

"We Missed You Mike! So glad you are back with us."

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We are a family clan and through Honesty, Loyalty, Respect and Friendship, we can accomplish anything.
Rules are easy, no botting, swearing, be courteous and respectful and do your cap. And 1 MOO for approval.

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StaticIcey StaticIcey Owner
1 LovelyLady 1 LovelyLady Deputy Owner
Twostep34 Twostep34 Corporal
Xanatos Xanatos Corporal
LAKERS247 LAKERS247 Corporal
Jijijik Jijijik Corporal
DrtyTrbn DrtyTrbn Corporal
Sammigyrl Sammigyrl Recruit
Satara Satara Recruit
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