"A better hug than the one you get from your drunk aunt that pinches your cheeks."

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Greetings from Hug!

Hug is a social, skilling, bossing, and minigames clan. There is no combat level or total skill level requirement to join the clan. We currently have a tier 7 Citadel, but capping at the Citadel is not required. Profanity is allowed in the clan chat, but we do ask you do not beleaguer anyone while in the clan chat. Also, feel free to guest the clan chat at any time.

Do not be surprised if you end up talking about a balloon animal petting zoo or a pillow fight involving pillow cases filled up with Fruit Stripe Gum and Play-Doh. We may go on about our outer space adventures in search of the mystical blarnkadoos and wigglesniffs. While this all occurs, I can promise you Hug is full of some of the nicest and most interesting RuneScape players that set out to root each other on in life.

Please message Pipet, Serenely, Kukiel, Saltay, Cat Got Gun, or Billy0513246 if you have any further questions about Hug.

The best place in the world is inside a Hug.

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Pipet Pipet Owner
Idly Idly Deputy Owner
Uhr Uhr Overseer
Cat Got Gun Cat Got Gun Overseer
Billy0513246 Billy0513246 Overseer
Serenely Serenely Overseer
Kukiel Kukiel Overseer
Saltay Saltay Overseer
Mightykite Mightykite Coordinator
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Pipet Welcome to Hug! 12-Mar-2019 01:44
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