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Legendary Inc

"Community driven | 1800+ Total | Active Discord | Aim for #1 | Founded by Saad |"

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Legendary Inc. is an 1800+ total level community based clan that is invested in creating a friendly and intelligent community. We are here to create a support system for players that are labelled "Lone wolves".

We are a clan that does a little bit of everything, we're not focused on one sole aspect of the game, rather we are focused on just playing the game as a whole. We strive to be one of the best clans out there and the best clan on our homeworld 31. We welcome guests, whether you meet our requirements or not, you are more than welcome to guest.

Key Note:
Drama is not tolerated in our clan whatsoever.

Features include:
- Tier 7 Citadel
- Active discord server [Highly recommended for events]
- Bi-weekly skilling/bossing events
- Very clear and organised ranking structure
- Access to veteran players knowledge of the game
- Referral to a Warbands FC

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Sifu Sifu Owner
Acid Refine Acid Refine Deputy Owner
Aynat Aynat Deputy Owner
hello yes hi hello yes hi Deputy Owner
Sashank Sashank Overseer
Bad-gerrr Bad-gerrr Overseer
XiPapi XiPapi Overseer
Ahtu Ahtu Coordinator
of Hearts of Hearts Coordinator
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Skilling - Any skill 31 31-Aug-18 11:00
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