Masters of the Runes

Masters of the Runes

"We are the masters of all things Runescape."

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The clan  Masters of the Runes was created November 22, 2011. The only requirement to stay in the clan is to do your share at the clan citadel and follow the other rules that are stated on our forum page.The main way to recieve a ranking in Masters of the Runes is to gain exp. The guidlines for rankings are stated in the clan forums as well.

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wilson86 wilson86 Owner
Hopoffmy D Hopoffmy D Recruit
worriedcry worriedcry Recruit
merkan merkan Recruit
Whipdaclaw Whipdaclaw Recruit
40 Death 623 40 Death 623 Recruit
[#HMR7DYCU9] [#HMR7DYCU9] Recruit
red mage421 red mage421 Recruit
Ellipitical Ellipitical Recruit
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