"Failure is always an option. Come guest in our CC, you'll see."

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Welcome to Rektangles

"Where the drops do not exist and the gains are very little!"

QFC: 290-291-603-66001012

Here at Rektangles we aim to provide a fun, friendly, and social atmosphere. We are a collection of Skillers/PvMers who all share a similar goal; having a good time. Whether you prefer one or the other, we will always have a seat for you available.

Clan Information:
¤ Founded sometime in December 2015.
¤ Home World: 86
¤ Off World: 64
¤ Citadel Tier 7
¤ Founded by Chaddy, Gosty & Jammy
¤ Ran by Lyrics & Happywitch
¤ Guests are ALWAYS welcome!

¤ Membership
¤ 1500 total level

Ranks are based on gained experience, and are as follows:
¤ Recruit; New members
¤ Corporal; 10m Clan Experience
¤ Sergeant; 25m Clan Experience
¤ Lieutenant; 50m Clan Experience
¤ Captain; 125m Clan Experience
¤ General; 250m Clan Experience

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Top Clanmates

Lyrics Lyrics Owner
Happywitch Happywitch Deputy Owner
Turkey Subs Turkey Subs Deputy Owner
Witchypie Witchypie Overseer
Jacksta Jacksta Overseer
Ironman Ian Ironman Ian Overseer
Dani In AZ Dani In AZ Overseer
Gosty Gosty Coordinator
JamJar JamJar Coordinator
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Author Thread Title Date
Lyrics Rektangles: About Us 16-Sep-2018 23:32
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