Renegade Skillers

Renegade Skillers

"We arr pirates and we have Nekkid Twister Thursdays. Somali pirates welcome."

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Super cute skilling clan that likes to kill stuff sometimes. If you want to see high level cuties this is the place for you.
Homeworld: 22


Corp: have swag
Serg: send a pic of u eating a worm
Lieu: drive a lambo
Capt: buy a bond for jigglypuffz
Gen: tell brian u love him
Admin: high five the owner
Organizer: do the als ice bucket challenge 5 times
Coordinator: pay jigglypuffz all ur money
Overseer: sniff a dogs butt or give wigglytuffz stuff to give to jgglypuffz

-If you make anyone mad that has a key rank, you WILL be kicked so don't do it
-Don't be a meanie unless it's to someone that deserves it.
-Get xp
-Cap once a week pls <3
-Have swag

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Hfdseue Hfdseue Owner
[#73XUU2CWF] [#73XUU2CWF] Deputy Owner
Unichtozitel Unichtozitel Deputy Owner
Rhum Rhum Deputy Owner
[#LIUJSL7Z9] [#LIUJSL7Z9] Deputy Owner
[#N6HLAY55G] [#N6HLAY55G] Deputy Owner
Larshe Larshe Deputy Owner
MiaLynne MiaLynne Deputy Owner
R1OS R1OS Lieutenant
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Roleplay 22 05-Sep-14 00:00
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