"Do you even Rift bro?!"

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ó Welcome to the homepage of [Rift] Clan! We are the biggest Community in W59. We pride ourselves in letting players play the game how they want, which is why nothing in the clan is mandatory. When you join [Rift] you are joining one of the closest knit and fun communities out there. If you have any questions, or are interested in joining, feel free to join the Clan Chat as a guest.

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HyperKing HyperKing Owner
ImáRami ImáRami Deputy Owner
TheáPorto TheáPorto Overseer
Goldenking00 Goldenking00 Coordinator
Lewitch Lewitch Organiser
Alpina Alpina Organiser
Bubbajoe Bubbajoe Organiser
JumperáJoe JumperáJoe Admin
Jinsei Jinsei Admin
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Author Thread Title Date
HyperKing Welcome to Rift 25-Mar-2018 21:51
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