Runecrafting Guild

Runecrafting Guild

"Runecrafting Guild, where people paint pictures on rocks!"

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1.) quick find code for clan thread 290-291-695-63928930 be sure to read :)

----------------------Interested in our clan?--------------------

Hello Everyone, welcome to the Runecrafting guild a friendly enviroment to hone your runecrafting skill. We accept novice to expert Runecrafters. Our Guild plans to have events such as Gop, and rated clan wars, and for those who are either skillers, or below lvl 50 Runecrafting we plan to have altar runs.

do you need help with a quest? or training a skill? we will be happy to help you with any information you may need!

We are not just a runecrafting clan, we also enjoy doing Great Orb Project, Skilling, and group Dungeoneering. Check out our forums to learn more!

Everyone is welcomed to join!!

Thank you,
Lexicon VI

Clan Allies:
Dungeon hunter
hells kingdom

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