Shadow Corp

Shadow Corp

"Join us or fear us!"

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We are active and are looking for active players. We do whatever people want to do. We have a citadel and we are in the works of upgrading it every week. We allow anyone that is willing to join but must be a member.

Leader: Videodereted

Deputy: nick 301

Overseers: Flippin 24 7 and Of Lords

If you want to join then please contact one of the above or contact our Lieutenant's.

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[#28XKZ7S7Q] [#28XKZ7S7Q] Lieutenant
IamFooy146 IamFooy146 Lieutenant
hockeyguy 13 hockeyguy 13 Sergeant
Rusty Cuetip Rusty Cuetip Sergeant
[#8N8SY8TA6] [#8N8SY8TA6] Corporal
Jaycloud71 Jaycloud71 Recruit
Davidkucek52 Davidkucek52 Recruit
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Jaycloud71 Recruitment 24-May-2012 02:11
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