"Risen From the Ashes to Forge New Friendships"

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We are a mature clan, meaning this is a state of mind and not an age.  We're focused primarily on enjoying each others company, and the game as a whole.  Sharing information and helping each other out distinguishes us from the rest.  No specific skills or levels are required for joining. Rules are few and straightforward:  Be respectful. Aid with the citadel.  Observe Jagex/Game rules. ie. botting, scamming, acct. sharing, etc.  And above all, have fun!

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xx-Zaria-xx xx-Zaria-xx Owner
Alguacil Alguacil Deputy Owner
The Miner The Miner Deputy Owner
Shalai Himai Shalai Himai Deputy Owner
Capt Kirk Capt Kirk Deputy Owner
Rick0 Rick0 Overseer
i stun yaka i stun yaka Overseer
Kuudere Kuudere Coordinator
JakeDaSake JakeDaSake Coordinator
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Skilling - Dungeoneering 201 25-Jun-18 23:00
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