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Soul Mates

"For the pure pleasure of the game."

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Welcome to SOUL MATES!
We are a 120+ combat or  1800 total  based clan.
 Our home world is w98.

Trust and reliability is a must for all SOUL MATES ranks. All  ranks are expected to be a part of the clan, and to work toward the success of the clan.

SOUL MATES  friends chat is well organized, and each and every person is treated with respect.

SOUL MATES  clan chat is made up of a great mixture of male and female, mature, high combat levels, that work hard to keep soul mates friends chat running smooth, with no drama.

EVENTS  are  NOT  mandatory, but participation in either events or the general chat within the CC is encouraged
not enforced, but appreciated

If you are a mature, fun person looking for a clan
Whether you are a  KILLER  a SKILLER or just a CHILLER
We may just be the clan you're looking for ....

Join SOUL MATES today!!

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Ishy Ishy Owner
Blakeys Blakeys Deputy Owner
Laciel Laciel Deputy Owner
Phe Phe Deputy Owner
Soul Mates Soul Mates Deputy Owner
Brad Smith Brad Smith Deputy Owner
Pawtzy Pawtzy Overseer
Hito Hito Overseer
Skullkeep777 Skullkeep777 Overseer
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Clan event - Clan Party 98 23-Dec-18 01:00
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