Sunrise Bark

Sunrise Bark

"its time to party"

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Are you tired of clans that prioritize authority over fun? Have you ever considered that there's more to life than bank standing in Prif? Look no further, Sunrise Bark is an illustrious clan formed back in 2017 with tons of experience. We have multiple accolades for our achievements, like taking multiple Squad Pics across the continent and team killing members at bosses!

That's right! With a few clicks and a sentence resembling, "Eyy" you too can join our illustrious clan! You'll be entitled to amazing benefits like a Clan Citadel with only a woodcutting plot. Additionally you'll automatically be entered to win a prize worth absolutely nothing.


What are you waiting for!?!? Come on down to Sunrise Bark and have a blast!

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QueenKatie QueenKatie Deputy Owner
ImLackey ImLackey Deputy Owner
Spencerboy88 Spencerboy88 General
Darth Lackey Darth Lackey General
Bigpizza9 Bigpizza9 General
Snapbacxs Snapbacxs Recruit
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