The Saints of Legacy

The Saints of Legacy

"We're awesome! 110+cmb and citadel cap req. "

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-Respect the Ranks.
-Maturity is required. No flaming, spamming, bashing, racist comments towards others.
-People joke here, don't make  jokes if you can't take one back.
-If you have an issue please pm a rank DO NOT flame the clan chat about it.

                             !~~~Citadel Rules~~~!
CAPPING in the Citadel each week is REQUIRED.
if you can NOT cap (unless you have a legitimate excuse), you will be given a strike, when reaching three your stay with us will end.  Each time you cap one of your strikes will go away.
Capping enters you in a weekly 5m raffle, you're responsible to tell the Organizer when Capped.
-If you choose not to cap you will be given the chance to be a recruiter
minimum 2  recruits per week this WILL be noted.
-Clan mates are urged to recruit, even if its just others from your adventures.
-When recruiting PLEASE refer the recruit the clan page to view the rules.

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