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The clan battle has begun feel the wrath of the Greek gods! Taste the bloody sword!Feel the fire from the last dragon !GOD CLAN!              A long long time ago ... 5 warrior came into one of the hopeful founding clan. Then they decided to multiply .... they were stronger and stronger YOU also kick in now! have the strongest warrior runescape dulust rarity to be then you are exactly right .... .. Until the end of anfan through thick and above sea level no matter how hard it is ... together, anything is possible .. believe in you!

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Zobergan Zobergan Deputy Owner
[#9FWSQPU76] [#9FWSQPU76] Deputy Owner
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Puma 1135 Puma 1135 Deputy Owner
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[#O2EMJ9ATU] [#O2EMJ9ATU] Coordinator
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PvP 122 23-Nov-11 19:00
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