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Welcome to Vongo*a Generation I. Vongo*a Generation I was founded and run by Dev (Giotto157).  Our deputy owner Imortal Omfg along with the 6 guardians help run the clan. Our clan is a place where like minded individuals are able to “hang* and talk about variety of subjects, whether it be real life situations; rant or seek advice, or in game situations; a second opinion on items or help on certain monsters and quests. We don’t hold many events such as PVM, PVP, Clan Wars, but certain individuals may be enticed to join on an adventure if you so choose to ask. This includes GWD, Dungeoneering, Clan Wars, or Skilling.  Occasionally Dev will take a few clan mates to go boss fighting. The only requirement that we ask is that you assist with citadel.
 ~Clan Rules~– No advertising of any sort – Phishing sites, Merching clans, Other clans.– No offensive behaviour. – Flaming, Swearing, Abusing other in-game members.– Have Fun and Enjoy!

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Valinor Valinor Overseer
[#3SOT3MZJ2] [#3SOT3MZJ2] Admin
[#MJJER4G5I] [#MJJER4G5I] Captain
[#6AG64J1NW] [#6AG64J1NW] Captain
[#FA65PNSGJ] [#FA65PNSGJ] Lieutenant
SirKhaos SirKhaos Lieutenant
[#29T4VH0UJ] [#29T4VH0UJ] Lieutenant
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