War Poets

War Poets

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War Poets is a casual, friendly clan with a focus on having fun and encouraging others to succeed and improve. Members who are friendly and hold good values will go far.

90 Combat Level
~ 1250+ Total Level

Clan rules:

We are a clan who believes nothing should be mandatory but we do have a few rules which we believe are very important for maintaining a good clan experience.
• All Jagex Rules Apply
• No Scamming, or Begging
• Be Courteous of Others
• Have fun, Relax, and Be you
Whether you are part of the clan or not we can offer help & advice to all players. If you are interested in joining then feel free to come into our chat & check us out.

Kind Regards,
War Poets Leader

Clan Recruitment Thread:
QFC: 288-289-63-65708133

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MoonPriest56 MoonPriest56 Owner
Minimazas Minimazas Admin
[#8NW1SYDCY] [#8NW1SYDCY] Admin
Gaviztine Gaviztine Sergeant
Syn Rapture Syn Rapture Sergeant
Catomic123 Catomic123 Corporal
jewelsawyer jewelsawyer Corporal
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Saintluna Clan Application 16-Dec-2015 06:02
Saintluna Clan Ranks 20-Nov-2015 05:54
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