Weapons of Shadow

Weapons of Shadow

"Never Give Up Until The Last Blow"

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Hi, I'm Zyron IV and I am the current owner of Weapons of Shadow. We are a PKing/Pure clan ranging from all levels. The clan was founded on the 10/2/12 and is currently recruiting. If you have any questions or if you would like to be be brought up a rank ask @ Zyron IV.

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Luf17 Luf17 Owner
[#Z57PDPPIY] [#Z57PDPPIY] Overseer
oldwildy own oldwildy own Lieutenant
KBDReaper KBDReaper Lieutenant
[#LO89VCITG] [#LO89VCITG] Lieutenant
[#KAL82LMKQ] [#KAL82LMKQ] Sergeant
[#Q829UR4BO] [#Q829UR4BO] Sergeant
[#RTOGBKHI7] [#RTOGBKHI7] Sergeant
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