Wild Ace Clan

Wild Ace Clan

"Aces are wild! This clan formulates liberty, emphasis and discipline. Get WAC'd!"

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The Wild Ace Clan, also known as Wild Aces and W.A.C., emerged when the clan chat feature was implemented on August 6, 2007. The clan has fully culminated on July 15, 2011 with Metallarana (also known as Lil Soni*zle), Ya Mato, and Acehood Bruh as the de facto founders. In addition to, I 10inch X would join three days later to compose four rulers! W.A.C., however, was inspired by an earlier version of the clan assembled during the summer of 2006 consisting of pioneers and natural-born leaders like War King 626, Clinton 705, Grey Jedi09, and Ravencrow22 in which the last three later became known as I 10inch X, Onyx Jedi, and Ya Mato respectively. Donning Black Armor and valiantly dwelling in the free-world, they were tactical player-killers led by War King and Clinton. Despite early success and approaching mainstream popularity, the clan had ceased operations but opened the gates for the new clan, the Wild Ace Clan. Now, the begotten Wild Aces looks to seize RuneScape under four helms.

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YA MATO YA MATO Deputy Owner
Lil Mileeno Lil Mileeno Deputy Owner
[#AXIK71JCC] [#AXIK71JCC] Deputy Owner
My Faith My Faith Deputy Owner
CallMeChewy CallMeChewy Deputy Owner
[#JY3VJLJHN] [#JY3VJLJHN] Deputy Owner
vinnie pazk0 vinnie pazk0 Deputy Owner
Jedi Chillin Jedi Chillin Deputy Owner
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Metal Little The Wild Ace Clan 24-Sep-2011 01:05
Metal Little New Blood 28-Jul-2011 03:32
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