Zer0 PvM

Zer0 PvM

"Most active PvM based community clan in Runescape. Join 'zer0help' fc to join!"

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Zer0 PvM is an elite monster killing clan. We are the most active PvM clan on RuneScape, which means you will have no problem making or finding elite teams for any boss. Our members host teams for all bosses on an hourly basis and our staff team hosts all kinds of events throughout the week.

If you are interested in becoming a Zer0 member, join 'Zer0Help' friend's chat where we will direct you to our offsite to make an application. An offsite offers a lot more than the Runescape clan forum; allowing pictures to be uploaded so we can check that you have all the gear requirements.

We have a very active discord server, link mentioned above. You can also join our discord server for help with applying to the clan!

Other than pro PvM teams we also offer:
- Learning sessions at all major bosses.
- A clan discord
- Clan events/Competitions.
- 3 Warbands per day.
- Our own site

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Top Clanmates

Erwin Erwin Owner
Skye Skye Deputy Owner
Sam N Stuff Sam N Stuff Deputy Owner
Brb Expwaste Brb Expwaste Overseer
G1bbo G1bbo Overseer
Defill99 Defill99 Overseer
CMunk Alvin CMunk Alvin Coordinator
Marshology Marshology Coordinator
Dfh Dfh Coordinator
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Skye Zer0 pvm ~ 137+ Combat | T7 05-Feb-2018 12:11
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