Caped Carousers

Caped Carousers

"Cogito ergo bibo - I think therefore I drink"

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Welcome to the home of the Caped Carousers, Gielinor's oldest Quest Cape clan.

Our recruitment is done on the main forums, at Quick find code 93-94-844-65451473.

We are a group of mature Quest Cape owners of all ages. We get together in the spirit (pun intended!) of the late lamented Alfred Grimhand, to appreciate fine ales and spirits by visiting the bars, inns, taverns and seedy dives of RuneScape, in a variety of fancy dress costumes - flaunting the outrageously over-the-top Quest Cape emote as we go.

We are the largest and longest-established Quest Cape clan in RuneScape, founded in April 2008. As well as our keystone Cape Events, we hold scheduled and impromptu group events (PvM, Distractions & Activities) in various time zones every week, with members in Europe, America and Australasia.

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Top Clanmates

Lumine Lumine Owner
Archaeox Archaeox Deputy Owner
Lady Rhae Lady Rhae Overseer
Shirin Lach Shirin Lach Coordinator
Teela Glenn Teela Glenn Organiser
Tiffrum Tiffrum Organiser
Amaterasu Mi Amaterasu Mi Organiser
Igo Weiqi Igo Weiqi Admin
Drakontes Drakontes Admin
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Author Thread Title Date
Shirin Lach Schedule ~ February 14-Feb-2019 05:51
Lumine About us 12-Feb-2018 12:56
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