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Solar is a rapidly expanding OldSkool Official Warring Clan. We welcome anyone with 100+ Combat, and hold frequent practices to sharpen your clanning skills. Check us out, and join us if you like what you see. Official Forums @ W11.zetaboards.c**m/solar

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Clan Solar Clan Solar Owner
[#I9R3U56OW] [#I9R3U56OW] Lieutenant
W O R Q E D W O R Q E D Sergeant
Jug Urtha Jug Urtha Sergeant
[#ADDZOQ3ET] [#ADDZOQ3ET] Corporal
4 U 2 C 4 U 2 C Corporal
[#CRPK5L5IT] [#CRPK5L5IT] Corporal
[#114DABUM6] [#114DABUM6] Corporal
Nolifer Nerd Nolifer Nerd Corporal
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Author Thread Title Date
DPDPDPDDDPDD Welcome To Solar! 15-Apr-2012 18:02
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