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CW cc on te rise!

Welcome to our clan page. You can find all the information about our clan by using this QFC: 290-291-764-65975793

About us:
* Founded in 2015
* Homeworld - 24
* GMT based time zone - We have a lot of North American members though!
* Tier 2 citadel - We have our first avatar!
* Discord server
* Events, especially Castle Wars (disclaimer, we do NOT boost!)
* We offer the highest level competitive Castle Wars legacy private games
* No mandatory capping (but greatly appreciated and highly encouraged!)
* Very laid back, relaxed atmosphere

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Top Clanmates

Cure Cure Owner
Rubylicious Rubylicious Deputy Owner
Balaso Balaso Deputy Owner
Expert Expert Deputy Owner
Sabo Sabo Deputy Owner
Louks Louks Overseer
Imosh Imosh Overseer
Inro Inro Overseer
T Pain T Pain Overseer
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Clan Updates

Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
PvP 24 04-May-19 20:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
WHTE Nutsack Rules & Guidelines 06-Jan-2019 10:13
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