Defenders of Chaos

Defenders of Chaos

"kick back. relax. kill ****."

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We are a 100+ clan recruiting members. We ask you to follow Jagex rules, respect our own rules, respect higher ranks and support the clan .

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Secretj2 Secretj2 Owner
[#K68H3E61Y] [#K68H3E61Y] Deputy Owner
Drewman91 Drewman91 Deputy Owner
Shiru Shiru Overseer
[#S7S8X250V] [#S7S8X250V] Coordinator
[#ZOZ34RWEB] [#ZOZ34RWEB] Sergeant
Specandurded Specandurded Corporal
StormySky420 StormySky420 Recruit
[#KA01PPXMY] [#KA01PPXMY] Recruit
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Type Description World Date/Time
Skilling - Woodcutting 181 13-Sep-12 18:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Battla Masta Welcome to the Clan! 31-Jul-2013 00:05
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