EarthBound Angels

EarthBound Angels

"respect each other as you want to be treated."

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Welcome to Thunder buddies4life!

Home World: world 64

Requirements to join:
-Active in Chat & Participate in Events Regularly
-Members only
-Must be willing to spend about 30 minutes to 2 hours each week to gather resources for Citadel

To get your rank up in clan, you have to abide to our Clan & Jagex Rules as well as the following:

1) Be Active in chat and help to gather resources for our Clan Citadel.
2) Try to mingle with other clan members in chat instead of keeping quiet all the time.
3) Respect one another in Clan.
4) Offensive language is NOT allowed.

NOTE to all current and prospective Clan members:
It is vital the Clan Citadel's upkeep is maintained, as its strength represents the strength of the Clan as a whole, and is also 'incredibly' beneficial to your personal avatar's success.
Please ensure that you visit the Clan Forums on a regular basis to keep yourself updated on the latest events/updates.
The Clan Rules thread MUST be read.

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