Eternal Division

Eternal Division

"Pvm Social Skilling"

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Everyone has to start somewhere. Nobody becomes a pro by just reading and watching guides.
How are you supposed to get better if you are never able to join a team to learn in?

Our goal is to give as many active players a chance to get into (and get better at) PvM. We do this by promoting a relaxed, non-toxic environment where everyone is welcome. Aged 17 or 70;  seasoned expert or can't quite kill Gregorovic. Whoever or whatever you are, we invite you to come and learn or teach with us - at your own speed - in a relaxed, friendly and fun clan.

What we offer:
1) A place to learn
2) Clan boss events
3) A place to find bossing teams
4) A clan Discord server
5) Three avatars
6) No mandatory events

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Wildbill6207 Wildbill6207 Overseer
lokisdad lokisdad Overseer
Enkoro Enkoro Overseer
Damrov Damrov Overseer
E mber E mber Coordinator
ilakyd ilakyd Organiser
Meeso Meeso Organiser
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Damrov Recruitment Redirect 07-Jun-2018 23:15
Damrov Welcome! 08-Jun-2017 11:42
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