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We are a small group of friends and lovers that found each other in game. We all have different skills and activities we like to do.  This means whenever we need help  we can find someone who knows.

We don't care what your level is in anything, but we will congratulate whenever you level.

We are quiet a lot, but comfortable with each other.

We have 99's in different skills, and quest capes too. However, we do not make a habit of bragging about how awesome we are.  We know we are not the best in anyone thing, but we are happy with each other and comfortable in our abilities.

Most of us do not pk or play the PvP games.  We do invite each other to stars and evil trees, mini games we like to play and most the time we join.

We play mostly on world 99 as mems and 14 as non mems.

just FYI no cursing in our clan chat or using the abbreviations for cursing

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