"1500+ total, willingness to cap weekly, friendly, & fun"

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Starting out small, but hoping to achieve an epic Citadel! This is why we require capping members; however, we are not extremely strict--we're all very easy-going, friendly, & fun people. :)

We will host events for activities including but not limited to PvM Bossing, Group Skilling, Castle Wars, Penguin Spying, Soul Wars, Stealing Creation, Citadel Capping Parties, Trouble Brewing, and more when there are enough members on willing to participate. Keep in mind this is a brand new clan, so at this point in time events are rare until we grow bigger.

Our Citadel is in the process of expanding. At the moment, we have 1 Clan Avatar which will be out on world 114, our homeworld, whenever a warden is online & available to summon him. This avatar will always have the Skilling Exp buff.

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