Hall of Skilling

Hall of Skilling

"Onen Hag Oll, et an gwlas a Alban."

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Hall of Skilling (HOS) is a community themed clan, founded on September 4th, 2012 from the ruins of several former clans.  We have no requirements to join, allowing you to enjoy in-game experiences with a variety of player groups, in a mature, friendly environment.  With regular non-mandatory clan and co-hosted events, such as skilling, bossing and competitions, you'll soon find new friends!

All of our events operate from the in-game clock, as primarily, we hold our roots as a UK based clan. We do however encompass a global community, and recognise this with global administrators with access to our avatars.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the leadership team. Additionally, you are more then welcome to look through our forum threads.

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Hench Man6 Hench Man6 Overseer
ItherDream ItherDream Overseer
Cole11 Cole11 General
Orso McCloud Orso McCloud Captain
Falxien Falxien Captain
Addaxio Addaxio Captain
Lowla Lowla Captain
Wc is Godly Wc is Godly Lieutenant
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Author Thread Title Date
Trewavas Competitions & Games 01-Aug-2016 22:03
Trewavas Welcome to Hall of Skilling 07-Jul-2016 22:16
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