Insanely Beast Clan

Insanely Beast Clan

"Mess with the best, get recked like the rest. we are a new clan lvl 50+ to join."

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Hello i am Heatran IB deputy owner of the Insanely Beast clan.  We are a mature clan with aspiring goals to be one of the best in Runescape.  We currently have 28 members and are working our hardest to recruit.  If anyone wants to join please message me and will see if you can join us.  We do tons of fun daily events and things that keeps this clan going so what are you waiting for?  Come join us!

Must be at least lvl 50 to join and have good knowledge of the game and how EoC works.

Thank you,
Heatran IB

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Darkskull717 Darkskull717 Owner
Pac Man966 Pac Man966 Lieutenant
[#28K92WN7L] [#28K92WN7L] Corporal
[#H7TU4MFBP] [#H7TU4MFBP] Recruit
Alathaea Alathaea Recruit
Domm Domm Recruit
[#J6FYGXS7H] [#J6FYGXS7H] Recruit
[#69Z3RP1RY] [#69Z3RP1RY] Recruit
Erik Sanders Erik Sanders Recruit
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Dungeon 9 21-Dec-12 00:00
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