"No cheating.No begging. Be friendly, mature, and helpful. Citadel work required"

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This clan was founded by Beedone , Rc54321, and iDragonstar (First Pirate), and aims on recruiting and keeping players that are mature in word and action.
We are mostly skillers and PVE orientated, if you need a duo partner for a boss, just shout. If you want advice on the best ways to skill, trade or solve a quest just ask.

You're welcome as long as you can communicate in English.

The primary goal of this clan is to provide a good RuneScape environment, with fun, boss hunts and other events, while you always have the opportunity for a good talk in the clan chat.

Ranks are easy to gain, although it may take a while to receive a high rank, you just have to work at it.

Ways you can gain ranks:
-Staying active in the clan and attending events
-Work in the citadel to achieve the weekly resource goals (only applies for p2p)
-Recruit new members

Check out our clan forum for rules, events (members only), citadel planning (members only) and more.

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