Legends Of Fortune

Legends Of Fortune

"Oldest high lvl bosshunting clan, 130+, 2 official events a day"

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Legends Of Fortune is a high level bosshunting clan.

The clan was founded by TokHaar-Zot on the 10th of August 2009.
Our strong points are: small, active, organised bosshunting.

There are 2 official events a day. These events typically last up to 2 hours.
We do Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Nex, Elite dungeons ...

You can join this clan even if you don't have much pvm experience.
You will be taught all high level bosses.

Check out quick find code: 92-93-611-65806296 on the RuneScape forums.

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Top Clanmates

TokHaar-Zot TokHaar-Zot Owner
Tok-Zot Tok-Zot Deputy Owner
Wise Old Zot Wise Old Zot Deputy Owner
TheZotfather TheZotfather Deputy Owner
xter xter Organiser
Take Me Away Take Me Away Captain
Zot of Qarth Zot of Qarth Captain
Shiou Shiou Captain
iHuzzla iHuzzla Lieutenant
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