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Hey welcome to madhouse this clan was originally created by Zoe,Alpha and a few other peoples they kept building the citadel untill the clan reached the epic tier 7! And the clan is still going even without them being clan members!(the following story is written by zoe herself)...A little info on how this clan started. The evening Citadels where introduced, myself and Alpha began the long ritual of grabing people to be founders. Many came and went untill Alpha's belly cried out for some he left, I continued the onslaught until I gathered 3 strangers, AOV, Captain and Ancient. I text starving Alpha to return pronto to do the deed on a citadel platform. Casting the magic spell, MadHouse was born..Welcome aboard and have fun :)

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Ziggy gee Ziggy gee Owner
Steelman142 Steelman142 General
[#5LYBCL0VX] [#5LYBCL0VX] Captain
Zeldagoblin Zeldagoblin Captain
Deviant Clam Deviant Clam Captain
FyrPrincess FyrPrincess Captain
GazCov GazCov Captain
[#8K3K29MZD] [#8K3K29MZD] Lieutenant
Trafaria Trafaria Lieutenant
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Monster Cat MadHouse 18-Jan-2013 16:06
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