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Welcome to Malicious Intent's homepage. We were founded on July 16, 2008. We are a mature skilling clan led by adults, but that doesn't mean you have to be an adult to join this clan. Although everyone, whether they're 5 years old or 50, is held to the maturity level of an adult. No exceptions.

We are open to P2P players only.  Requirements:
Combat Level Range - Minimum Total Levels

Clan Inviters: 1000, A Dingus, Absent Fear, Argarth, Bansidhar, BeefWater, Binger Gread, Brgiad, Cant Connect, Cachet, CoIm, Daemonarch, Dawnte, Deathblo, Demjo, Drakmor Kain, Dubstep, Fetidone, Genocyber, Heliopause, HeyItsRyan,  Kayla Nicole, KK1960, Kurobahamut, Julieda, MI Tour, Mister Robin, Pixma1000, ProGamer, Purple Jesus, Red Asunder, Sammi, StormyBella, Tismetrue, Tom of MI, Ushio

QFC: 288-289-597-66044199

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M I Space M I Space Deputy Owner
1000 1000 Deputy Owner
Mkhemsing Mkhemsing Deputy Owner
Daemonarch Daemonarch Deputy Owner
Brgiad Brgiad Deputy Owner
Kurobahamut Kurobahamut Deputy Owner
Cachet Cachet Deputy Owner
Ben Jamming Ben Jamming Deputy Owner
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 39 17-Feb-19 20:00
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Tom of MI Clan information 04-Mar-2019 16:51
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