Murasame Shogunate

Murasame Shogunate

"May the winds of fortune be ever at your back. Watarimonotachi, oikaze inoru."

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i Greetings, and welcome to the Murasame Shogunate, an Asian-themed social clan where all players of all levels and backgrounds are welcome!

The Shogunate is an international, laid back social clan with an Asian twist. Just like the vast majority of most clans, we're open to all players from anywhere, anytime. We aim to create a chill, relaxed environment while maintaining a 'specialist theme' for players who're into a more in-depth clannie feel- while at the same time trying to revive the social aspect of Runescape community and the dwindling variants of clans.

With no requirements and people from all over the world, we hope to see you soon! ;D

Please check out our recruitment thread using the quick find code on the forums for a ton of stuff about the Shogunate. ^^
QFC: 290-291-180-66062937

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Akloria Akloria Overseer
Kali Yuuna Kali Yuuna Coordinator
AppleTea AppleTea General
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Lord Of 9 Lord Of 9 Captain
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