"Repose: A clan for all types of skilling pures to make friends and make gains!"

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Welcome to our clan page! We are Repose! We're a skilling pure clan that strives to make a relaxing environment for making friends and making gains. A repose is a state of tranquility and creating that calm space is our primary goal. Our main rules are to be nice and be mature. We want the clan experience to be fun for all clan mates. If you are interested in being a part of an enjoyable community for skilling pures, then feel free to guest in the clan chat or send a private message to any of our members.

Join requirements:  CB3 or Sum/Pray/10HP Pures and 5M Total Experience.

For the grinders, we offer ranks that are a factor of clan experience as follows:
Corporal: 7M xp
Sergeant: 30M xp
Lieutenant: 60M xp
Captain: 100M xp
General: 150M xp

For those seeking bolster and build our skiller community by joining the admin team,  we look for the following qualities:

25m Clan Xp or 1 Month Tenure
Recruiting and Weekly Capping
Helpful and Responsive

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Kads IV Kads IV Owner
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Elects Elects Organiser
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Brysan Brysan Admin
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Skilling - Competition 100 03-Sep-18 23:00
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