Rune Squad

Rune Squad

"Per Ardua Ad Astra : "Through hardship to the Stars""

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Grata ad familia, welcome to our family.

What are the requirements?:
1. RESPECT each other (especially the upper council: Owner, Deputy Owners, Overseers, Organisers, and Admins)
2. Be friendly, no drama please
3. Don't mention anything that's drugs, alcohol, or immoral things related unless it's Runescape related; everyone deserves to feel comfortable in our family
4. Be active, talk within the clan at least once in awhile
5. No asking anyone for coins, we are not your personal bank
6. Work on the Citadel, reach the maximum number of the resource cap per week.  RECRUITS NEED NOT TO WORRY!
*Benefits of helping the citadel includes: Good amounts of xp for skilling stats, extra stat boosts bonuses per week via cape fealty reward, a dreamier home, and much more!
*Free-to-players exempt from citadel
*Pay-to-players failure to comply may be kicked from clan
7, Last but not least, look out for one another :D

*if unable to accept these basic rules then this is no right clan for you, sorry

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