Savants of Nirvana

Savants of Nirvana

"Valour for Truth, Truth for Wisdom, Wisdom for Loyalty, Loyalty for Valour."

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Once upon a time a couple friends got together on a magical world called Gielinor  (RuneScape) and one said hey lets make a clan, the others said no, but after pleading and persuading the leader said, fine ill make a clan. and that's how the Savants of Nirvana was formed. A savant is a scholar and Nirvana means enlightenment. No we have nothing to do with the band. If you need something ask Me :) (Arlgorn) , Cheese Tm1,  or AFARTINGBUSWe dont have many rules but please follow the ones we do have:1. Be respectful to every one include race, opinions, humor ect. 2. No begging, defiantly no scamming and no spam 3. Please do not join my freind chat (Its not personal I just use it for my real life freinds)4. Please do not ask to be ranked up. (Again its not personal I just want to get to know u first.) 5. I have the right to kick/ban you. (I really dont want to have to do that though.)
(Remember that Runescape is an online game the person at the other end is a person not just a character)

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