Silent Requiem

Silent Requiem

"Honour is victorious!"

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Silent Requiem
Owner: Lovely8.0
Co-Owner: Cronovoid
Free-player Home-world: 43
Member Home-world: 115

Lovely8.0 Home-world: 43 Member Home-world: 115 City: Varrok

We are a clan about activities. We hold Clan battles, Exp Challenges, Parties, Clan wilderness trials, Holiday Event Gatherings, And More to come!

Any Member gets permission to Recruit. But we expect a recruit to stay within our clan, so prior discussion is mandatory. Recruits may rank up if attending Meetings/Events or showing loyalty over time to the clan.

This Clan is about Honour, The love of the game, and We shall play with dignity.

I have played since ~2002, and shall answer any questions you may have. I'm usually available in-game if someone needs me. I'm happy to help.

Honour is Victorious!

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Lovely80 Lovely80 Owner
Lidda21 Lidda21 Coordinator
BubblegumFun BubblegumFun Organiser
AmyZezima AmyZezima Admin
Poppyy552 Poppyy552 Sergeant
[#RQFOG72XZ] [#RQFOG72XZ] Sergeant
W0oo0oo0d W0oo0oo0d Sergeant
[#9PFIOUGBE] [#9PFIOUGBE] Sergeant
[#T4ZS28C4I] [#T4ZS28C4I] Sergeant
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Clan meeting 115 29-Aug-14 19:00
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