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"What we do in life echoes in eternity :)"

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We're a mixed community coming from different areas around the world, and different ages. We enjoy playing Runescape daily. Please respect all SN members at all times. We try and maintain a mature chat :)   Clan started in 2011

Anyone is welcome!

1. Follow all Jagex rules. (Such as no botting).
2. No racism, or name calling.
3. No begging in the clan, or in public.
4. No scamming or luring.
5. Respect all clan members.
6. Must half or full cap***** Ranking System
Recruit - 1 exp - 2 Mil clan exp
Corporal - 2 Mil - 4 Mil clan exp
Sergeant - 4 Mil - 10 Mil clan exp
Lieutenant - 10 Mil - 20 Mil clan exp
Captain - 20 Mil - 40 Mil clan exp
General - 40 Mil - 60 Mil clan exp
Admin - 60 mil + clan xp
Capping in citadel  to have and keep fealty rank must do 900/2700 cap so u can get and have the 6 %
All SN members clan exp will be looked at frequently by clan elders. Ranks will be adjusted accordingly.
Thank you
Atlantis SN

== Inactive SN members won't be kicked ==

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